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Frequently Asked Question

On Time Delivery

Sareez is pleased to offer an on-time delivery service which is a guaranteed service. Every product on our website has a tentative delivery date & we assure you that you will get the product on or before the due date.

Terms and conditions:

1 ) This offer is applicable only if requisite details like measurement , shipping address along with local contact no. is given properly . In case of delay in providing the measurement the above guaranteed service is not applicable. We expect that the measurement is provided within 48 hrs of your order In case of difficulty in filling the measurement form kindly email us at measurement@sareez.com.

2 ) Kindly note that in case your order includes products with different delivery dates . The guaranteed service applies to the highest delivery time line product in the order. For Eg : If you order has 4 products with delivery time lines of 7/10/15/25 days your order will be completed in 25 days . In case you want the individual product within the specified timelines, you need to pay separate shipping charge of 9usd for each separate delivery.

3 ) If we are unable to delivery any product due to production issue, We will inform you beforehand rather than waiting for the delivery timeline.

4 ) Delay in delivery due to customs/ unavailability/ change of address/factors beyond our control we will not be liable under those circumstances.

Registering with Sareez and Managing My Account.

Q.1) How Do I Register on the website?

Ans. Go to sareez.com and click on the ‘Create Account’ option on the top of the page next to the search tab. Fill in the required information.

Q.2) From Where Do I Log into My Account?

Ans. Click on the ‘Login’ option on the top right hand corner of the page. Fill your login details.

Q.3) How Can I Place My Orders?

Ans. You need to search for the products in the respective categories, click on your chosen ones, add them to bag and then proceed with the payment procedure.

Q.4) How Do I Know If I am Registered?

Ans. On registering with us, we will send you an automated email confirmation to assure you that you have registered with us.

Q.5) What Do I Do If I am Unable to Log In?

Ans. Kindly take a screen shot of the error message that appears while you try to login and send an e-mail to us at support@sareez.comwith the screen shot.

Q.6) How do I make changes to my information on the website?

Ans. In the event that you want any change in your information, send us an e-mail at support@sareez.com with the desired changes and we will update the same at the earliest.

Payment System and Delivery.

Q.1) Can I Make My Payment in Any Currency?

Ans. Although you can make payments in any currency, Indian Rupee and US Dollars are most preferred. The current rates of exchange will be applicable. We don’t accept personal check.

Q.2) If Someone in India Makes a Payment on My Behalf, Can You Deliver It Directly to Me?

Ans. Yes, we can certainly do so. However, you must send us an email from the Contact Us page with your request.

Q.3) Are My Credit Card Details Secure?

Ans. We believe in safe and secure shopping and work through the recognized payment system of PayPal.com. As such, your credit card details are absolutely secure.

Q.4) What are the Courier Charges?

Ans. Please note that the shipping/courier charges vary as per the weight of your shipment and is levied by the Shipper Company i.e. FedEx.

Q.5) Can I Receive the Items Right at My Place?

Ans. The large network of FedEx ensures that you get your choicest items delivered right at your doorstep, regardless of where you are located across the world.

Q.6) What If I Receive Damaged Goods?

Ans. All purchased products are insured to protect you from any sort of hassles. In case you receive a damaged product, we will replace it at the earliest.

Q.7) Is the Cash on Delivery Option Available?

Ans. The cash on delivery option is available only for shipping across India.

Measurements and Customization.

Q.1) What Kind of After-Sales Services Can I Get?

Ans. Sareez aims at pleasing you with the best and the easiest shopping experience, and in doing so we focus on our pre-sales, sales, and post-sales services equally. Some of our after-sales service includes customization of your product based on the measurement form filled by you, return/refund/replacement of products, and answering your queries in a timely manner.

Q.2) Can I Edit the Measurements Once Given in the Form?

Ans. Of course you can but for that, you have to inform us within 24 hours. We will then mail you another form.

For any other queries, please feel free to Contact Us!