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Kantha Stitch Sarees


Kantha Stitch is a specialty and tradition of Bengal which is previously used to design beautiful kantha a piece of cloth used to wrap your body. Nowadays this particular sewing technique is used in sarees to create beautiful traditional kantha stitch sarees. Here you can find a huge collection of traditional kantha stitch sarees.

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Kantha stitch sarees- the tradition of Bengal Kantha stitch- it is a traditional embroidery style originated in Bengal. This embroidery form is mostly practiced by the rural women of Bangladesh, West Bengal and some parts of Orissa. The embroidery is generally used to decorate a saree, a shawl, and other home decor products like covers of boxes. Particularly in sarees, the designs used are beautiful motifs of flowers, animals, birds, geometrical shapes or rural landscape. Kantha sarees are famous for its exclusive handcrafted designs and patterns. In modern India, the place which is the most popular for kantha stitch saree is Bolpur, in WestBengal.