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The Glam Harbor

The Glam Harbor

The Glam Harbor is the brand where your search comes to an end. Junk Jewellery is now accessible here with variety of option to choose from

The Glam Harbor-For the Passionate Jewellery Seekers and your search ends here

Speaking of jewellery, gold, diamonds, silver and platinum have always been the selection of women globally. Hence, it is not such thing anymore. The recent fashion is that of junk jewellery or imitation jewellery.

The obvious reason behind the advancing stylishness of fashionable jewellery is that it is brightly coloured and stylish. It is trivial, unlike traditional gold or diamond jewellery and simply reasonable. The huge variety of shades and patterns in which it is obtainable as well as its easy accessibility has made its wearable on all celebrations. They are made of different materials for instance:

Wood: jewellery made from wood is in vogue and at the same time has a sober and natural appearance to it.

Beads: Beaded jewellery is obtainable in huge range of hues and patterns. The concoction of numerous kinds and sizes of beads assists in producing distinctive and appealing patterns.

Born & Horn: They are used to produce natural looking, sober pieces of jewellery. Various kinds of procedures are done on the primary material, to create sober effects.

Brass: It is another material that is usually utilised for making junk or fashionable jewellery. Brass bangles are loved and appreciated by women’s.

Resin: It is an adaptable material which can be configured into various shapes. Various kinds of completion can be given to resin jewellery. You can also find in immense colours to match up with your attire. The Glam Harbor, keeping in mind has created exclusive fashionable jewellery which will add savour to your dressing sense.