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Sadan Pande

Sadan Pande Designer Wear For Women

How about if your dress introduces you? Do you want fashion statement or a reflection of your flamboyance spirit? To meet you with this another facet of Fashion, has assembled collection from Sadan Pande, under label Sylph by Sadan. It’s not about pattern but subtlety and serenity.

Label Sylph by Sadan

An NIFT 1st class holder Sadan Pande is not just a designer he is a creator. Designer cum stylist by profession he aims to disclose the serenity in nature.
Did you ever imagined of the words from fabric and expressions from colour, attitude from trends......yes that is what Sadan endeavours to find and get you into it., in its unending quest for something new for you on each 365 days reached the mesmerising wonder of Sadan Pande.
From there it holds up some mix and match of eastern and western with undefined symmetry and asymmetry, colours of monsoon in thinking and hues of autumn.

Version of Fashion has picked up some modest yet stylish pieces from this unique talent house. Under this label, you get to have some collections which speak about your personality and are not just fashion silhouette.
Exclusive range of rich fabric like georgette and silk tops and kurti are just a click away from you. Its cuts and patterns are enormously different and stand out in fashion proclamation.
Asymmetry in its new definition welcomes the Gen Y. Unique neck cuts and adorning waist design is overwhelming.
Monochrome solid hues outstandingly canvas the embellishment of intricacy.
Short dresses, party dress, palazzo, salwar are some exclusive collections to make you jaw dropping gorgeous.

Sadan’s Inspiration

He proclaims himself as a wanderer or traveller on the uneven road of exploring nature. He encodes its hidden and exposed beauty. Translating it to you in terms of fashion is his passion.
It includes hues from serenity and hygiene of nature. Different beauty and mood of winter, autumn, spring and summer has a lot to say.
Moreover, when your attire briefs your personality, colour speaks of your serenity and design ensures your imagined creativity then you look undoubtfully glamorous.
As a traveller, his aim is to keep on surging accompanied with appreciator and critique. This experiment is his introduction as a designer.
Euphoria, melancholy and exuberance are sections that encompass life and to incorporate life in couture collection lies as an obsession with this artist.
He is a creator and not designer statement maker.

Nature has no unit to fix price

This is a platform where nature, creation and beauty communicate to share their secret. So we do not have any unit to measure the right price. Just to live up the journey, a basic pocket-friendly outlay is set. Decipher more with this special collection..................