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Printed Silk Saree Online

A printed saree is one of the traditional attires that every Indian woman wants to have in their wardrobe. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colors these comfortable saris are now available online. You can pick your favorite printed sarees online from here.

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Printed Sarees- The Range and Diversity

A Saree as a traditional attire of Indian women has occupied a huge space in the wardrobe of Indian women. It is worn in different styles according to regional traditions, customs and religious beliefs. This is the reason this versatile attire has sincerely managed to carve its niche among the women of the entire world.

Get a New Look with Printed Sarees

Printed sarees of India have advanced from the local rural markets to conventional city markets; bringing traditional style of rural ethnic local areas to city community. Generally fabrics used for these are like chiffon, crepe, georgette, cotton, viscose etc. and they are embellished with stylish, trendy and chic patterns and designs on them such as block prints, floral prints, polka dots print, digital prints, abstract prints, animal prints, geometric prints and many more of this sort. Sometimes lace borders are used to decorate the borders of it.

Now shopping printed sarees online has been a lot easier these days. Sareez.com is the house of a huge range of casual as well as party-wear printed sarees, providing the best price range, deals and discount time to time.

Printed Sarees have always been in vogue. Worn casually or at formal occasions, traditional as well as contemporary prints on sarees have been popular among Indian women. Along with weaved patterns that enriches the cultural heritage of India, prints on sarees also come in great range and diversity. You would get a different type of print from the different parts of the country, each representing its folklore and customs. Be it cotton saree or printed silk sarees, these ensembles have become popular internationally due to their deep connection with the Indian heritage.

Some of the distinctive prints that are commonly found are:

Block Printed Sarees:

Patterns and motifs are carved out of wooden blocks. These are then dipped in various colors of dyes. The colored blocks are then placed on the saree, which is stretched on a wooden platform and the motifs are thus imprinted on the material. The motifs or patterns vary from region to region and preferences too.

Kalamkari Printed Sarees:

Kalamkari is a unique form of printing sarees that originated in Andhra Pradesh. Natural dyes are used for this print, and instead of wooden blocks a “kalam” or a pen is used to draw the patterns on the saree. It is totally a free hand drawing technique which involves 17 steps.

Bandhej Printed Sarees:

A typical Rajasthani form of art on sarees, that involves, tying the material in small bindings that forms a distinct pattern. Extremely time taking and highly skilled process. Bandhej printed sarees are seen in a wide variety in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Sindh region. In Tamil Nadu a similar process of saree printing is followed, which is known as “sungudi”.

Digital Printed Sarees:

Unlike the ones mentioned above, these prints are achieved by machines. Digital printing is a speedy process that enables any pattern, motif or picture to be transformed onto sarees. They are produced in bulk and there no limitation about the size and quality of the material and the number of colors in use. You can get digital printed sarees in any motifs, like floral, calligraphy, animal prints, etc.

To facilitate shopping of printed sarees across the globe, Sareez.com has its own online collection. You can get cotton and printed silk sarees in almost every variety at your fingertip. All you need to do is browse through the pages and you will get all the sarees accompanied with vivid details and price. We a have stitching facilities too. You can now get your customize blouse and fitting petticoat ready with your saree!

Shopping for printed sarees is easy at Sareez. No matter where you are located we reach your selected saree at your doorstep.

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