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Pashmina Salwar Kameez

Pashmina Silk Salwar Kameez a finely weaven magnificent embroiled specialty crafted for wedding and bridal ceremonies. Sareez presents pashmina suits and maintain same legacy and quality of the pashmina fashion shop with us we know you better.
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Centuries are witnessing salwar kameez to be one of the most graceful and elegant traditional wear for women in India. This set of attire is just the evergreen one for all types of parties the women attend all kinds of parties. Most of the salwar kameez are best as seasonal attires. Pashmina salwar kameez are warm, sophisticated, comfortable and of course trendy. These salwar kameez come in trendy patterns, designs and styles.

Style in stunning pashmina salwar

Pashmina salwar are made of fine cashmere wool from Kashmir of India and a few parts of Nepal. Pashmina is a Persian word. This fabric was discovered by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani in Ladakh in 1300, a well known scholar of that time. Pashmina salwar kameez are available in both printed designs and embroidered motifs. The designs of these salwar kameez are extremely popular for women of nearly all age group and these are season friendly attire.

The new fashion trend highlights the gorgeousness of pashmina salwar kameez. These pashmina salwar kameez are utmost fine in quality and are terrifically suitable for the winter season. Women flaunt in their favourite and stylish pashmina salwar kameez and also keep themselves warm in the winter season.