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Find latest key chain from sareez

Designer key chains are the latest trend in the world of accessories for women. Not only on weddings but also on other parties modern women make key chains a part of their dressing.

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Flaunt your authority in style with a keychain

Keychain have long been deemed as accessories in Indian fashion. In the past, Indian women used to have elaborate keychain made of precious metal like gold and silver, tied at the end of their pallu or around the waist. The keychain was often seen as a symbol of wealth, elegance and position.

In earlier days, women who were the female head of the housed used to hold the keys in an ornate keychain. Therefore, a keychain was the coveted adornment for every Indian woman. In the present nuclear family system, each woman holds the keys to her household. But their love for the keychain has not lessened one bit. However, the designs of the keychain have certainly gone through a sea change.

All hail the keychain queen

In early days, women used to have keychain made of solid gold or silver. Today, women do not go for the precious metals. At the most, women opt for silver or German silver filigree keychain. They also flaunt keychain made of bids. Keychain in trendier designs has also become popular.

At Sareez, we bring you a wide collection of keychain designs. From traditional to trendy, we bring you keychain of diverse style. Check them out: