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Cotton Sarees Online

A cotton saree is one of the most beautiful and traditional sarees of India. From ancient period cotton sarees are well accepted among Indian women due to its level of comfort. It is a saree that is ideal for hot and humid weather.

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World of Cotton Sarees

Saree is that Indian attire which can be draped in multiple ways. India is a country which has large list of natural and synthetic fabrics in its lists. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in this country. And as the women in India love to wear sarees, cotton sarees are widely popular in the wide mass of India. These are designed and manufactured in major parts of India. A range of styles and colors are found in designing these attires which are ideal for all occasions.

Charming cotton sarees

Cotton saree of India is quiet popular in major parts of the world and thus is exported to global markets. Manufacturing of these traditional wear in this nation has begun from historical past. Then it was practiced generations after generations. These are available in embroidery, designer and print works. These sarees are even worn by the b-town divas in their movies as their elegancy and sophistication is immense.

Due to their softness and comfortable characteristics, they are suitable for hot and humid Indian summer. The latest trends of these attires for the women of almost all ages are quiet popular in occasions such as parties, offices, festivals and other regular and casual wear. Sarees like gadwal cotton, kota cotton, etc. are the much loved trendy ones.

Breathtaking Saree in breathable textile

The breathless upsurge in fashion industry explores breathing in interface of art.

The prima facie funda of life is to keep breathing. All facets of life are linked with this string. Its alias is comfort.

Fashion is as well affixed with this concept. We all look for fabric that is comfortable, fashionable and takes onus of our skin.

Could you name any other fabric that comforts you more than COTTON?

GIN of cotton

“Gin” ……….. no no it is not our mythical Jinni of Arabian Night!!

Gin is contemporary short form of Engine in 1790s. The first engine to spun cotton in machine was discovered on 1793 by Noa Homes. Its efficiency was 10 times more than hand spun yarn.

Since 3,000 BC, Indus River Valley and Egypt Nile Valley was hand spinning cotton fabric for covering body and thus making clothes.

Go as U Like

Saree too has its root since time unknown. As it is just a loose rectangular piece of fabric to be draped as you like. So its inception is even before we coined the term fashion.

Cotton and Saree has a deeply intimate story to unfold to you.

Various styles and designs of cotton saree are crafted to carve a fashion niche for you. Nothing can be more elegant and pleasant than women in cotton Saree!!!

Cellulose Boll

Cotton tree is a shrub. It’s a fiber which is pure form of cellulose.

It grows within a protection case or boll. This boll is found around the seed. It is white in color.

It is abundant in tropical, subtropical regions of Mexico, America, Africa and India.

This fluffy and soft fiber is used to yarn into threads and finally clothes.

2.5% of arable land is occupied with its cultivation resulting in production of 25 million tons per year.

Cotton Saree from Sareez.com

The entire eastern hemisphere acknowledges saree as the modest drape for women. Its exuded subtly is gradually achieving quintessential applauds in western hemisphere as well.

Apart from other ethnic wear collections, Sareez.com established itself as a one-stop e-commerce platform for your search of cotton saree for all festival, occasions, regular use and wedding destinations.

Printed Cotton Saree

Nothing can be cozier than a pure cotton starched saree with beauty full patterns and concepts printed on it. Be it conservative homemaker or multiple tasking corporate ladies, any age, any fashion and any occasion can rock on in this typo.

It is generally of six-yard cotton fabric. Printed saree ranges from high to low based on work and vastness.

At first, the fabric is dyed for a base color and then different techniques of print are used to make motifs and designs on it.

Screen Print is a most primitive method to make motifs. It is similar to stencil method. The mesh is fixed on base fabric. Ink, hardener, and fixer are amalgamated and evenly spread on the mesh. Through tiny holes in the mesh, the color/ink gets imposed on base. Ink hardener and fixer ensures the longevity of color.

In block printing method, wooden blocks are drenched in color and superimposed on base fabric to make stunning prints.
Kalamkari methods implicate a pen with colors to make the print.

The most updated version is digital printing of graphics. Its durability and finishing are best.

Floral print, bandhej print, lehariya print are some evergreen collections. Quirky print of metallic textures are much on demand.

Handloom Cotton saree

Handloomed or handwoven cotton sarees from villages of India are vivacious. Quality and vastness of fine work are exemplary and unique in its creation.

Each province of India has its own mesmerizing creation and art to showcase.

Sareez.com as a proud corporate partner of Indian Handloom Brand unveils rare collections from weaver’s house directly.

Cotton Checkered Net Saree

It is comparatively light in wet. Net like texture is fabricated with cotton to make the base. Most contemporary design on this type is check print. A net saree can go with any occasion.

Tant Saree from Bengal

Tant saree of Bengal is famous worldwide. With embroidery work of thread and sometimes zari this special sarees are of pure cotton base. It is preferable for corporate, festival and party wear.

Gadwal Saree

It is foldable in a match box. Borders and pallus are its effervescence factor. Cotton based work make it most pretty and fashionable.

Some More on The Top List

Shantipuri, Fulia, Jamdani cotton saree are some more among the vast collections that Sareez.com have for you. These are typically cotton sarees to address your quest for this bashful blushing modest drape.

As Elegance and Ethnicity are coherently complementing so is Sareez.com with your love for Cotton Saree!!!!!!!!

Let us know if you want any other variation of it…………….