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India is rightly called “a land of unity in diversities”. This diversities comes in different manners, customs, religions, tradition and even fashion.. India has various range of textile, where each province has its special and unique costumes. Indian fashion is vivacious, cheerful, evergreen having the simplicity and tradition.. In this ever-changing world each individual is constantly striving best to succeed in their own means in different fields fashion lead the league. Behind all these the applaud goes to the designers who bring the costume worldwide in the name of fashion.

India is proud today to be the mother of the most spirited fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar,Sabyasachi Mukherjee,Neeta Lulla, Satya Paul, Rohit Bal and many more are stepping the industry.

Manish Malhotra is considered to be the most successful designers of India. He is well known for his fusion of colours, style and glamour. His designs are contemporary, yet have the traditional touch, which helped him to win the name in the household and even in film and fashion industry. He is the first person to blend film and fashion into a single thread. He has taken part in many fashion events and has won numerable awards in costume and fashion design. His designed have reflection in many films. His ever first work is being designing the dress of Urmila Matondkar for ‘Rangeela’ which was stunning and bright and was well acclaimed.

Reorganization of Indian fashion came through the hands of Ritu Beri another promising Indian designer. She was the first Indian fashion designer to go global and take Indian fashion into the higher level. Her designs include simplicity, modern yet traditional look. Sometimes vague and unusual designs are her trademark. Ritu Beri has created the uniforms of many Indian companies such as Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Delhi, the Delhi Police force, Indian Competitors to the Atlantic Olympic Games and has created pieces for Indian cinema.


Ritu Kumar is another gift in Indian Fashion industry. Her designs are versatile and the wardrobe comprises of swimwear, eveningwear, and traditional Indian wear, specially the bridal outfit of sari and lehenga., casual wear. She is the perfect combination of style tradition and dignity. Which wholly reflect in her design too. She was the designers of the gowns and dress of the three winning Miss India.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee another talent from traditional root city Kolkata, is the latest buzz. He is the youngest Indian fashion designers to receive awards for best design, collection, fashion and style. Kolkata has been his inspiration in bringing fashion with a different outlook. He believes designing clothes should be just an extension of one’s intellect. He uses unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, fusion of styles, patch work in a vibrant colour palette, which take back to the ancient and medieval tradition. He entered into films with his costume design in the movie ‘Black’ and bagged the national award in 2005.

Neeta Lulla is another promising Indian Fashion Designer. Her simplicity, royalty, richness, and charisma has helped her to create a mark in this industry. Residing here for almost two decade this talent has each surpassed her own creation and record to set a new high. Her majestic appearance has created a new trend in fashion fraternity. She own , National awards and many other awards for designing great attires.

Satya Paul the buzzing name in the fashion industry strive to express refinement, finess, and elegance for contemporary life. His special collection of bridal outfit and saries blend in different colours has earned a name and place in fashion industry.

Rohit Bal, the fashion designer based in New Delhi , is another vibrant person in fashion industry. He is famous for designing for men and women, bridal and evening collection with day wear and ready to wear collection. He is a masterpiece in creating his own style. His sophisticated designs intricate both traditional and modern world.

Indian designers blend, fuse together the different colours, texture, patches, sequences to form a new style. The fusion of east and west has helped Indian designers to reach a high and even go global. Fashion in India is continuously revolving as new designers come into the fashion industry where new talent gets the space to showcase oneself


Team Sareez takes you deeper into the world of Indian ethnic wears by sharing interesting and useful information about the dresses, styling and many more. You can also get useful tips on what to wear for certain occasions or how to deck up for parties and so on.

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