How to Drape Indian Sarees


Indian Sarees are the traditional costume for the Indian Women. Indian saree is worn in a lot of different ways and style by the Indian women. With evolution in time the styles with which Indian saree is draped has changed. Designer Indian saris have taken over the traditional ones and the younger generation loves to experiment with stylish and designer online saris. So, how we should drape indian sarees ?

In the olden days, women wore the traditional Indian saris with blouses that were full sleeve. But today women love experiment with blouse that are stylish. These days’ designer Indian wedding sarees are also a lot popular. One can buy the designer online saris which are designed by the Indian fashion designers.

Wearing an Indian saree the right way is an art. If not worn the right way one can look disastrous. Thus wearing an Indian sari in right way is also very important. Now we will look, how to drape Indian Sarees.

Each region of India has its own distinct style of wearing an Indian saree. The variety of ways and style in which a saree can be draped makes it more appealing attire! Here is a little suggestion on how to drape a designer Indian sarees in the correct way and look more gorgeous. The can be worn using the following steps. These steps are:

1. Wrapping around Body

Start with choosing a designer Indian Saree. Tuck the plain end just below your navel (belly button), into the petticoat and wrap the sari around your waist till the saree takes a complete turn. Adjust the lower end according to the height you want. A little tip- wear your footwear while draping a sari to adjust the correct length.

2. Making Pleats

Make clean 6-10 pleats with the sari in the front. The number of the pleats depends on the length of the pallu or the palla. Hold these pleats together and tuck them into your petticoat neatly to the left of belly button or navel.

3. Making Pallu or Palla

After the pleats are made, put the saree on your shoulder from back to front (Sidhi Palla) or front to back (Ulti Palla). The young ladies love draping the saree as Ulti Palla. But wearing the Indian wedding sarees or Designer Indian Bridal sarees as Sidhi Palla is advisable. The Sidhi Palla shows the designs of the pallu really well. While making the pallu, also make pleats on the shoulder. The pallu has a tendency to fall off often. So in order to prevent it falling off, you should never forget to pin them with your blouse on the shoulder.

These steps are use in wearing Indian Sarees in Nivi Style. These three steps can be very helpful to a woman who is draping a designer Indian Saree first time. Some other different styles are there to wear the Indian saris like the Bengali style, Gujarati style, Maharashtra style, Gond style, etc.


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